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About Us

A cardiologist, fitness expert and neurologist, each coming together with one goal in mind: a clean, pure, organic energy supplement that adds to our overall health and well-being. Unlike other popular energy drinks, it would be free of harmful chemicals, long-term health effects and energy crashes.

The endeavor began as I was beginning my own personal journey and transformation. While on this journey of bettering myself, I found myself wanting to do more. More for not only my patients, but for everyone around me. I saw how many struggled with a lack of energy and relied on energy drinks to help get them through their days. It was disheartening to advise my patients to stop using these products with no better alternative available.

I then met with my friend and colleague, Pat Brown. Pat is an industry leader and a well-respected health and fitness expert. He too felt the need to do something revolutionary, something different. We were both at this turning point and determined we had to find a better way. He also corroborated the need for a clean organic energy drink for the masses.

Pat and I also partnered and consulted with, Dr. Maheep Virdi, a neurologist. The input from Dr. Virdi was invaluable. He stressed the cognitive benefits of using clean, organic ingredients. We combined our varied areas of expertise in developing our pilot version which wasn’t good enough. We went through multiple trials of OE (Organic Energy) to create the purest form of an energy shot that tastes incredible.

Our goal was to not only create an organic energy drink, but to create a wellness and energy shot together with the added health benefits of turmeric, ginger and ashwagandha—a good, clean boost with a benefit to your overall health and well-being. OE is the first of its kind, a drink that delivers energy without the crash and most importantly, without preservatives that can be so harmful.

It took heart, brains and body – pun intended – to create a legacy that gives energy and life not only to our human bodies, but also to our Earth. That’s the OE story.

Be powerful, Be well and Do good.

— Dr. Rasham Sandhu, Pat Brown & Dr. Maheep Virdi

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